September 24, 2019

Guides and Resources

How can feedback loops help me with my most important management challenges?

Keystone exists to answer this question with you. 

We have spent the last 15 years helping organizations like yours learn how to have more authentic relationships with their constituents, especially those they seek to help. We document our learning and share it for free and this is where you can find some useful guides and other resources based on our work helping organizations cultivate Constituent Voice™ (CV), our trademarked methodology and approach that you can use to inform many aspects of your work. 

We have organized our content for you in libraries organized by familiar themes so you can easily explore how Constituent Voice can help you where you want it most.

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People affected by decisions influence those decisions: “Nothing about us without us”.

Listening Systematically

Systematic collection of constituent feedback.


How to organize your work so that you can get better at making the changes you intend to make. Includes logic models, theory of change, and theory of action.

Human-centered design

A design approach that develops products and services by involving the primary constituents.

Continual improvement

Measuring and managing social interventions for continuous improvement and learning across all constituents.

Monitoring and evaluation (M & E)

Widely used terms for tracking of outputs (monitoring) and independent studies (evaluation) of performance and results. Often now combined with learning as “MEL” to indicate an intention to utilize evaluative practices for learning and improvement.

Knowledge Management

The process of creating, sharing, and managing the information and knowledge of an organisation/ includes digital readiness and knowledge management.

Humanitarian action

The application of Constituent Voice in humanitarian action. Keystone’s sister organization, Ground Truth Solutions, is the leading practitioner of CV in humanitarian action.