October 5, 2016

Case Studies

The Centre for Employment Opportunities (CEO) provides employment services to people with recent criminal convictions. Keystone Accountability used Constituent Voice™ methodology to assist the CEO to design a feedback system, collect data, analyze the data, dialogue with participants and then course correct where needed. Read the full case study here.

LIFT, a US based nonprofit dedicated to ending intergenerational poverty, has been using Constituent Voice™ methodology to serve their members better. They gather feedback on ipads after meetings, display the results on TV screens in their offices and close the loop in face to face meetings. This is enabling LIFT to not only refine their services but also to test their theory of change. Find out more about how they do it in this case study.

Since 2010 Keystone Accountability has been conducting benchmarked Partnership Surveys for international nongovernmental organizations. Find out how some of our clients have used the information in their reports to improve their partnerships.

Vitamin Angels, a US based nonprofit, which works to reduce malnutrition in children, commissioned a Keystone Partnership survey. Learn how they used the results to improve their relationships.