September 4, 2019

Your Keystone Support Team

We have helped over 200 organizations in over 20 countries build their feedback muscle. Using a more systematic approach to feedback they:
  • Get better results for people.
  • Raise more money.
  • Do a better job of engaging those they seek to help.
  • Re-think their approach to measurement and evaluation.
  • Innovate together with their stakeholders. Communicate a more compelling set of results to supporters

Our method Constituent Voice™ draws on tested measures of client satisfaction adapted to the context of development and social change. Here are four ways that we might help you. 

Measurement Systems Review

Systematic stress test of how you measure, learn, and improve

CV Learning System

Build your light-touch, bespoke feedback system

Keystone performance survey

Manage how you work with others with feedback from partners

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Survey

Addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in international NGOs

If none of these speaks to your interest, please tell us with what you are looking for.