January 16, 2019


A primer about monitoring and evaluation, for funders and implementers (2018)

This document was written for a client, a funder, who was new to monitoring / evaluation / learning (MEL). It explains what monitoring is, and what evaluation is, and how they differ.

Knowledge Management – A Primer (2018)

All institutions create a lot more knowledge than they use, and most do a poor job of organizing it. This explains what a knowledge management system is and how to make your data ready for the new frontier of automated insight extraction.

Constituent Voice Technical Note

This explains Keystone’s consulting methodology – how we turn feedback into something that client organizations can use to improve their work, and why this matters.

The really busy person’s guide to Constituent Voice (Revised 2016)

An 8-minute read.

Theory of Change Template (2016)

Keystone’s Theory of Change tool is for organizations who understand that sustainable social change is complex and unpredictable – and that success usually involves working with others in a consciously adaptive way to initiate, support and sustain changes in an ecosystem of many actors.Users generate a non-linear framework of outcomes that supports flexible ways of listening, learning and documenting the process of change as it emerges so that they and others can adapt and improve. The instructions are on Page 8.