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We have four standard offerings, as well as bespoke consulting services.

Keystone performance survey

Manage how you work with others with feedback from partners

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Survey

Addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in international NGOs

Measurement Systems Review

Systematic stress test of how you measure, learn, and improve

CV Learning System

Build your light-touch, bespoke feedback system

Constituent Voice

The recipe for our secret sauce
Working in ways that foster mutual accountability

Organizations can ask the people they intend to benefit what they think about plans, performance, and reports. When organizations respond effectively to what they hear, we call this Constituent Voice.

Constituent Voice is a tool to manage performance rather than a form of evaluation. Still, feedback data is an early indicator of change taking place and can be triangulated with other evidence of performance and results (including objective measures and impact evaluations) to enrich your understanding of what is happening now.

It is often predictive of future outcomes. In developing the Constituent Voice method, Keystone has drawn from tested customer satisfaction techniques, and has adapted them to the context of development where people’s choice is often limited by the monopolistic position of aid agencies and government service providers.

  • Radical simplicity

    Ask your constituents 2 to 5 questions frequently. This is first a form of engagement. Though the data is reliable.

  • Net performance

    Separate responses as positive, okay, and negative.

  • Peer Benchmarking

    Analyse and compare your feedback with that of similar organisations.

  • Adaptive Management

    Act on feedback and dialogue with constituents. When you improve, so do your feedback scores.

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* David Bonbright
* David Bonbright
Chief Executive
Out to strengthen the voice of the people, as an alternative to prevailing bureaucratic, top-down models of aid and social service delivery.
* Andre Proctor
* Andre Proctor
African historian with 30+ years in development. Focuses on Agro and CSOs in Africa – Impact Planning, Assessment and Learning (IPAL).
Amy Jording
Amy Jording
Full-Stack Software Developer and Customer Support
Amy works on the Feedback Commons providing concierge support, working with consultants to build and enhance neighborhood content, and using the data import and management features. She is training in various programming and database languages.
Joshua Okafor
Joshua Okafor
Joshua has a cross-sectoral background in ICT4D, monitoring and evaluation, geographic information systems (GIS), mixed-method research, and data analysis with over ten years of experience working in the development sector.

Our sister organisation Ground Truth Solutions enables humanitarian actors to systematically listen and respond to the voices of affected people.

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