August 6, 2009


Mutual Accountability in International Development: The Pando Localization Learning System (PDF) February 2020
The Pando LLS White Paper lays out the theory and methodology behind the Pando Localization Learning System. It describes why a new theory of measurement for localization is needed, how system-based approaches of network analysis and qualitative feedback provide a solution, details on of a set of four localization metrics, how they are measured, and how the participatory measurement system works in practice.

Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality – Towards Carnegie III conference paper September 2012
This paper does not attempt a comprehensive analysis of measurement and performance management in poverty reduction programs and interventions. Rather, it offers a practitioner’s perspective on a particular approach and method for generating, making sense of, and learning from performance and impact data that is grounded in empirically valid feedback from the intervention’s primary constituents – those intended to directly benefit.

 Keystone Partner Survey report January 2011
The 2010 Keystone Partner Survey surveyed over 1,000 local overseas partners on behalf of 25 international NGOs. The survey report provides powerful new data on the performance of international aid agencies. An executive summary is also available for download.

Impact Evaluation for Development – Principles for Action January 2011
The paper sets out a seven-point agenda of rethinking, reshaping and reforming impact evaluation for improving development. Authors: Keystone’s CE David Bonbright, Fred Carden and Sarah Earl (IDRC), Patricia Rogers (RMIT), Sanjeev Khagram (iScale), Zenda Ofir (evalnet) and Nancy MacPherson (Rockefeller Foundation).

Feedback Survey for Transnational Social Change Networks May 2010
Public report of Keystone and iScale’s survey of a total of 885 members’ perceptions of 9 transnational networks, giving anonymous data on their views of networks’ performance. Questionnaire available here.

Assessing Grantmaker Performance through Grantee Feedback in East Africa October 2009
The public report of Keystone’s survey which presents, anonymously, the views of 305 grantees of 8 grantmakers on key aspects of grantmaker performance.

Keystone Accountability Report 2004-2009 July 2009
A report covering Keystone’s history and activities over the period from inception to 2009.

The 21st Century Potential of Constituency Voice March 2009
Findings and recommendations from research project which deepens understanding of feedback and identifies opportunities to improve its impact on project success.

East African Individual Anonymous Grantee Feedback Report March 2009
Sample report for an individual grantmaker illustrating the power of comparative feedback. Adapted from our 2009 East African Comparative Grantee Feedback Pilot.

Online Philanthropy Markets: From ‘Feel-Good’ Giving to Effective Social Investing? February 2008
Study on the opportunity online philanthropy markets have for the creation of an information basis for results based giving and to serve as a lever for greater accountability and effectiveness of social purpose organisations.

BOND Approach to Quality Standards in NGOs August 2006
A report based on consultations with 69 of BOND’s members which re-defines NGO quality in favour of accountability to the intended beneficiaries of development work.

The Future of Civil Society Accountability January 2005
Report from workshop that explored the current and future challenges faced by civil society and the steps that can be taken to advance the agenda. Held at the World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Keystone Inception Report October 2003
Report detailing the key foundation thoughts on the need for Keystone (formally Access) and how it would establish new measurement and reporting practices for social change.