Common Challenges with Implementing Primary Constituent Accountability – Resilient Roots Case Study 3

What role does accountability play in the relationship between an organisation and its constituents, and how can accountability support organisational resilience?

The core partners of the Resilient Roots initiative are aiming to examine whether organisations are better able to withstand external threats related to closing civic space when they are demonstrably accountable to the individuals and communities they support and serve. To explore this proposition, the core partners of the initiative are producing several case studies to articulate progress on the initiative so far.

This third case study focuses on the various challenges that pilot partner organisations face in implementing their Primary Constituent Accountability (PCA) mechanisms. These have been grouped into four main areas: (1) Buy-in, (2) Practicalities of engagement, (3) Feedback, and (4) Capacities and resources. Some of these challenges are crosscutting and shared by various organisations (e.g. getting other stakeholders to buy-into the meaning and value of PCA), whereas others strongly depend on the organisation’s specific context (e.g. the types of human resources available to an organisation).

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The next (and final) case study will examine the broader impact of PCA within partner organisations and the value they bring.