“Is Social Impact Measurement a Contact Sport?”: Webinar Recording

On 2nd September 2020, our Chief Executive, David Bonbright, introduced and explained the underlying theory and design principles for Constituent Voice: Ecosystem, Simplicity, Inclusivity, and Momentum. Hosted by SoPact, this webinar made a solid case for listening to stakeholders as a powerful tool to bring the impact ecosystem together for improving impact measurement practices.  Also[…]

Combatting the passivity of the ‘new normal’ – Keystone’s COVID-19 Survey

Source: Wired.com (2020) The COVID-19 pandemic has developed a culture of language and habits of its own that the whole world has come to know. In five months, we now find ourselves checking our country R rates, grabbing wallet, keys, phone, mask, and rather passively resigning to levels of lockdown or threat of resurgence as[…]

Road-Testing the Impact-Driven Philanthropy Principles

In his latest Giving Compass blog post, our chief executive David Bonbright explores how the work of LIFT ties into the Giving Compass philanthropy tenets and how the core four principles of impact philanthropy are useful towards meaningful change. Road-Testing The Impact-Driven Philanthropy Principles In May, Giving Compass shared how its impact philanthropy tenets can help[…]

Philanthropy Means Traversing Our Moral Imaginations

In his May Giving Compass blog post, our chief executive David Bonbright discusses the leaning into relationships and learning from them. Philanthropy Means Traversing Our Moral Imaginations In this series, I have made a case for a seismic shift in philanthropy away from attempting to fund pre-defined “outcomes” by controlling grantees. Rather, we want to[…]

Improvement Together: The Case for Constituent Voice (NGO Soul + Strategy Podcast)

Keystone’s Chief Executive, David Bonbright, recently partook in the NGO Soul + Strategy Podcast series by Five Oaks Consulting (hosted by Tosca Bruno-Van Vijeijken) to discuss the role Constituent Voice has in continual improvement. This is a podcast series for leaders of NGOs and other philanthropic organizations who are not satisfied with the status quo[…]