Keystone publishes its first Technical Note on Constituent Voice methodology

david photoWhen you look at a list of Keystone clients, you might well ask yourself, “What can these organizations possibly have in common?” They range from the world’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer to the President’s Office in South Africa. Our clients are tackling poverty, reducing environmental impact, enhancing smallholder agriculture, battling disease, fighting crime, creating jobs, and much more. But what they all share is something that makes them different from the vast majority of their peers – they have gotten dead serious about improving results by optimizing their relationships with their constituents.

We have learned a great deal with our clients about how to drive for better outcomes through feedback from constituents. Now we have tried to capture what we have learned in a single summary document, Technical Note 1: Constituent Voice. The purpose of the note is to describe Constituent Voice methodology, what it is and how it works. We publish it today and you can find it here:pdf

Constituent Voice is a work in progress. We have a strong focus on rapid cycle learning across all our work, including and maybe even especially with respect to our core methodology. We are constantly searching for better questions and new ways to ask then, for new approaches to analyzing and interpreting data, and for simple ways for organizations to respond and improve. While comprehensive in the sense of describing all aspects of our methodology, this note is not exhaustive in its illustrations. Examples of CV in action are recorded and published on our website continuously, and we will update this first technical note every few months.

We commend it to you and welcome your feedback!

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