May 11, 2016


The IKEA Foundation is the charitable arm of INGKA foundation, the owner of IKEA Group. The IKEA Foundation has announced a series of grants for nonprofits based in the United States and the United Kingdom, one of which is Keystone’s Ground Truth project. To read the IKEA press release, please click here.
In 2009, Keystone ran the first feedback survey for 9 transnational networks. The project was carried out in partnership with iScale and support from the International Development Research Centre. Networks gave the following feedback on the survey: How strongly would you recommend the survey to other networks? Average rating: 8.1
Several international non governmental organizations which took our Partnership Survey have made their reports publicly available: Oxfam International Wateraid The Cohort of Dutch organizations in 2013 ACODEV Cohort 2013 Peace Direct Tearfund Progressio UK Practical Action Spark Oxfam Canada Church World Service AbleChild Africa International Land Coalition