Are you really listening to the people you serve?

fc1We believe listening to feedback from the people you serve can help improve outcomes. This feedback is an often overlooked but vital part of performance management.

To make things easier for time and cash strapped organizations, Keystone Accountability has developed an online tool to help people collect and benchmark their feedback data. The Feedback Commons is designed to help organizations listen and respond to those they serve while gaining insight from others doing similar work. It will guide you through the whole process; designing a survey, collecting data, analyzing the data, holding a dialogue with constituents and course correcting if needed. To learn more, take our tour.

The Feedback Commons allows you to build a useful survey, by selecting from a series of tested questions, and compare your results with others. Benchmarking means you can see if you are doing well or if there are areas where you can improve. The Feedback Commons is designed to be interoperable with a variety of other survey tools allowing you to merge data from a variety of places.

fc2Almost all social development organizations believe it is important for people to have a meaningful voice in the programs that affect them but not all are collecting honest feedback and using this information effectively. Keystone Accountability in conjunction with Feedback Labs has developed a simple diagnostic quiz to find out whether you are truly able to listen to your constituents – and act on what they say.

We recommend you take our tour, then explore using our one question survey. In a short space of time, you can learn a lot about what your organization can do to improve.

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