Size Matters, and Other Misconceptions

 Every sector has its misconceptions: stereotypical ideas about how the sector works, its values and how people both within and outside the sector perceive it. In this blog I present five ‘fun facts’ that come out of feedback data we collect at Keystone. They are yet another illustration of why, as a sector, we need so badly to have systems in place for hearing the voices of those meant to benefit from our work.
At Keystone we survey the constituents of social value creating organizations. We ask them about their perceptions on various aspects of their relationship with the organization, using a standard questionnaire. Then we present the organization with the data alongside benchmarks from other organizations in their sector that have also used the same questionnaire. The result is powerful and actionable data that can be used for improvement. In addition, the collected data forces us to reconsider some widely held opinions.
To illustrate this, I am taking a few examples from our Development Partnerships Survey, which is used to gather the perceptions of INGOs’ local partners. To date, 62 international NGOs have commissioned us to survey their local partners and are in our benchmark dataset.
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