World Bank invests in Constituent Voice

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 14.53.21The World Bank’s Spring meetings this year showcased the Bank’s deepening commitment to what it calls Citizen Voices. Following up on the first ever global meeting on Constituent Voices in March this year, Citizen Voices: Citizen Engagement for Enhanced Development Impact, the bank held a panel at its Spring meetings to report out from the Citizen Voices conference and explore possible next steps. Caroline Anstey, Managing Director at the World Bank Group, Corinne Woods, Director of the UN Millennium Challenge Campaign, Katrin Verclas, Manager of Innovation at the National Democratic Institute and Keystone’s David Bonbright each in their own way commended and challenged the Bank to follow through on the agenda for enabling Citizen Voices.  The session was moderated by Mary McNeil, Senior Operations Officer and Team Lead at the World Bank Institute, who is a designated nodal person for taking the agenda forward.

More information on the original conference can be found here.

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