2010 Development Partnership cohort

The Keystone Development Partnership Survey launched in 2010 with a survey of over 3,000 local partners of 28 international NGOs. Since then, another 32 INGOs have taken the survey, and over 10,000 local partners have been surveyed.

The public survey report provides powerful new data on the performance of international aid agencies. The report is also avaiIable in French and Spanish. It summarises the feedback from all the partners and has the potential to create a new reporting standard. An executive summary is also available for download.

The original 2010 report had two major findings:

1. Local organisations do not want to be treated as sub-contractors of international agencies. They want help to become independent and influential organisations in their own right.

2. Feedback from partners is a reliable way of measuring performance. Benchmarks provide direct comparisons between aid agencies – a sector first. The report calls for a new reporting standard for agencies that fund local partners. 


BBC News covered the launch of the report.

Matthew Frost, Tearfund‘s CEO, said "I hope that this approach will gain widespread adoption across the sector as a fresh, robust and insightful approach to learning and accountability."

Carolyn Hayman, Peace Direct‘s CEO, said "It’s invaluable to have direct and honest feedback from our partners, in a form that is specific enough that we can improve in the future."

Church World Service Deputy Director and Head of Programs Maurice A. Bloem praised the iNGO survey for its "reality-based, ground-level view of how we experience performance." 



Keystone can administer the survey for individual NGOs whenever they are ready, or alternatively NGOs can take the survey as a cohort.

Since 2010 there has been a cohort of Dutch NGOs, a Belgian cohort and a cohort of InterAction members. Click here for more information on these cohorts.



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