February 5, 2016

Performance Surveys

Measure how well you are working with other organisations and how you compare to your peers.

Keystone Performance Surveys provide cutting edge performance data for social purpose organisations.

We bring together groups of similar organisations and administer the same survey to their external stakeholders. We quantify and benchmark key aspects of performance like: responsiveness, service quality, communications and value-added.

Keystone’s surveys provide detailed and actionable data about the value your organisation adds to others. It’s a well proven technique, particularly appropriate for organisations that aim to support other, independent entities.

Organizations working for development and social change lack a unifying performance principle, such as profit maximization. While measuring impact is technically possible, until now there has been no cost-effective measurement approach that solves this structural problem of performance management.

Keystone solves this core structural problem by making the perspectives of the people who are meant to enjoy the benefits of development – the primary constituents – visible to other decision makers in the system. These constituents’ voices are central to managing the performance of programs aimed at development and social change yet they are mostly neglected or ignored. Keystone surveys and services provide a continuous and representative flow of feedback that organizations use to be accountable to the experiences of their primary constituents.

Keystone Performance surveys are split into four main areas, and designed for four groups of organizations. Find out more about our surveys for:

  • Development Partnerships – feedback from INGOs’ local partners
  • International Networks – in partnership with iScale: feedback from network members
  • Impact Investment – feedback from investees
  • Grantmaking – feedback from grantees

We also run bespoke surveys for individual clients. Contact us to discuss how we can help generate performance data to meet your needs.

The underlying methodology used in the surveys is Keystone’s Constituent Voice approach.

In developing the Constituent Voice method, Keystone has drawn from tested customer satisfaction techniques, and has adapted them to the context of development where people’s choice is often limited by the monopolistic position of aid agencies and government service providers.

For more information about our Constituent Voice methodology, please look at our Really Busy Person’s Guide to Constituent Voice.

Keystone uses the Net Promoter Analysis to analyse Constituent Voice feedback data.