November 18, 2016

Constituent Voice Systems

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A full system for systematically cultivating voice and using constituent feedback to improve the way your organisation works and the impact you have. These are bespoke systems designed with you.

Constituent Voice™ has been used by many different organizations to improve the way they work. It defines both the relationships an organization holds with those around it, and also the impact of its operations. It begins as a measurement tool to understand, but quickly becomes a performance management tool to improve.

This is our approach:

CV is a trademarked methodology, but shared as open source under a creative commons license. For more detailed information on CV and the cycle steps, please read the CV Technical Note or contact us to find out how we can apply this simple but effective listen-learn-act model to your work.

Recent CV system clients include:

  • Center for Employment Opportunities
  • LIFT Communities
  • New Forest Company
  • Oxfam America
  • Packard Foundation and Community Foundation for San Benito County
  • South Africa Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • UK Department for International Development

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