August 10, 2009

Theory of Change

Keystone’s theory of change sets out our vision of success and identifies which constituents would need to do what in order to achieve it.

Our vision of success is:

“Social purpose organizations achieve more because they systematically build effective relationships with other constituents of the changes they seek.”

The following constituents have a significant role to play in achieving and sustaining this vision:

  • Primary constituents – those meant to benefit from our work
  • Implementing organizations
  • Funders
  • Academics / researchers
  • Rating agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Evaluators / consultants
  • Media

Our theory of change identifies what they would need to do and preconditions for those behaviours. It also draws from our analysis.

Download Keystone’s full theory of change (to open this file you need Acrobat Reader, free program available here).

Following from our theory of change, we have developed our strategy and a research agenda.

It also provides the basis for our own performance reporting.