September 18, 2009

Keystone Results Ledger 2004-2009

Since the creation of Keystone in 2004, we have been keeping a record of evidence of what difference we make in our work. Our Results Ledger from 2004 to mid-2009 describes the various outputs, activities and outcomes that we see day-to-day in our work. We record them against the operational and strategic performance indicators in our impact planning, assessment and learning framework.

Keep us honest: We know that our view on what is recorded in the ledger is partial. So, please give us your feedback! Do the entries in the ledger speak meaningfully about our performance and the changes to which we contribute? Does the evidence justify the claims? What are we missing?

We would appreciate any feedback you may have on the Results Ledger. Please use the space provided for comments at the bottom of this page.

The full Keystone Results Ledger is found in this Excel spreadsheet.