August 10, 2009


Keystone’s strategies are based on our theory of change and our analysis. We pursue two strategic workstreams:

1. Demonstrate Constituent Voice and relationship metrics in practice

  • Run pilots with funders and implementing agencies
  • Develop practical tools, including shared or field-wide tools
  • Contribute to related initiatives
  • Develop a standard protocol for feedback data
  • Reflect our values and approaches in our own work

2. Influence key actors and decision-makers

  • Inform system-level mechanisms such as standards, rating and certification
  • Engage in relevant debates and media
  • Build a network of organizations and people concerned about these issues
  • Publish our analysis, tools, research and case studies. (See also the research hypotheses we aim to contribute to.)
  • Periodically reflect with key decision-makers on our theory of change, performance and strategies

We also consider practical and financial issues when deciding which projects to work on.