July 27, 2009

About us

Keystone wants every organization in the world to cultivate Constituent Voice. We provide the methods, tools and services that allow organizations to really know how their constituents experience them, and what to do with that knowledge once they have it.

Our Constituent Voice method does for organizations seeking to create social value what the customer satisfaction industry does for consumer-facing businesses.

Our clients and partners are the global pioneers in bringing Constituent Voice to their work.  They are varied, coming from over 20 countries and including private and public grantmakers, international development agencies, global corporations and local organisations.

feedbacklabsKeystone is building a global movement to support better feedback practices. We are a founding member of Feedback Labs, a group creating real conversations between governments, NGOs, donors, and citizens through human-centered design, adaptive processes, technology, and trust.

Keystone origins go back to 2004, and now has registered charities in the UK, South Africa and the US.

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