Welcome to Keystone Accountability!

We share your belief that better relationships with those you seek to help will lead to better outcomes.

  We have spent the past 15 years helping organizations like yours put high trust relationships at the heart of their effectiveness in terms of mission impact and in terms of fundraising.

Here are three ways we might help you to leverage your relationships to grow your impact muscle.

Guides & Resources

  We have published a number of guides and case studies that show how a more systematic focus on relationships (often referred to as stakeholder engagement or feedback loops) can transform everyday themes like impact management, theory of change, monitoring and evaluation, and data management. Check them out here.


  No tool will guarantee better relationships. But good tools can make it easy and affordable to listen and engage systematically with your constituents -- the only way to sustain high quality relationships. Our online toolkit for effective feedback loops, the Feedback Commons, is a do-it-yourself tool that you can use to move to a systematic feedback approach. Learn more here.

Your Keystone Support Team

  If you would like our direct help building and running your feedback system, Keystone would love to become part of your support team. Check out our service menu here. | See what our clients say about us here.