September 19, 2016

Responses to Keystone’s Performance Survey


Keystone’s surveys have provided us with invaluable information about the quality of our partnerships in development. This knowledge has been an important part of improving our relationships and programme performance. It is something that all development organisations should pay close attention to.

Bruce Lawson-McDowall, DFID Zambia

Looking at WaterAid from the perspective of partners was a new and provocative experience for many people in the organization. It has provided much food for thought about what we can do better to develop more equitable, respectful and mutually accountable relationships.

Louisa Gosling, WaterAid’s Quality Programs Manager

The data was a gift. It came from over 800 partners. It pointed clearly to the fact that they did not think we engaged well with them. Having data, rather than anecdotes, helped everyone in Oxfam acknowledge that we needed to do better.

Makarand Sahasrabuddhe, Program Quality Lead for Oxfam International
Peace Direct

Really it is about developing equal partnerships, sense of team and creating a Peace Direct ‘family’ where our partners are part of that.

Tom Gillhespy, Head of International Programs at Peace Direct