August 2, 2009


When organizations engage with their constituents – especially the people who are intended to benefit from social change – they cultivate Constituent Voice™. The Constituent Voice method uses tested measures of customer satisfaction to predict future outcomes. Gain validated evidence of your organization’s impact. Create a feedback system that helps you manage performance, learn from your constituents and improve your effectiveness, by generating insights tied to actionable responses.

Constituent Voice (CV) can be applied in a number of ways:

Keystone Performance Surveys

These are standard tools that provide benchmarked performance indicators for four different types of social purpose organizations: INGOs, Social Investors, Social Change Networks and Grantmakers.

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Constituent Voice systems

A full system for systematically cultivating voice and using constituent feedback to improve the way your organisation works and the impact you have. These are bespoke systems designed with you.

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Constituent Voice Centered evaluation

Keystone has extensive evaluation experience, and brings a unique approach drawing on its Constituent Voice methodology. Asking the right questions to the right people can help organizations clarify their theory of change, understand their impact on key constituents and provide the basis for an ongoing light-touch CV system.

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Panel Surveys

Panel surveys can be a great way to capture data which is timely and directly relevant to policy making and other important decision-making, which tells us about the current direction of travel for the non-profit sector (whether things are getting better or worse).

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