Keystone Performance Surveys

These are standard tools that provide benchmarked performance indicators for four different types of social purpose organizations: INGOs, Social Investors, Social Change Networks and Grantmakers. Keystone performance surveys (KPS) are available for a variety of different types of organizations, but all work in the same way: staff at partner entities[…]

Guides and Resources

Our tools  put Constituent Voice and Impact Planning, Assessment and Learning (IPAL) into action.

Keystone invites you to use and adapt any of these tools in whatever ways work for you. We welcome any comments, criticisms and suggestions to make them better. Please post your comments below or contact us.

Constituent Voice

An emerging solution to the problems of assessment is: "Ask them!".

Organizations can ask the people who are intended to benefit from social change what they think about plans, performance and reports. We call this Constituent Voice.


Keystone also offers customised consulting services such as: