Improvement Together: The Case for Constituent Voice (NGO Soul + Strategy Podcast)

Keystone’s Chief Executive, David Bonbright, recently partook in the NGO Soul + Strategy Podcast series by Five Oaks Consulting (hosted by Tosca Bruno-Van Vijeijken) to discuss the role Constituent Voice has in continual improvement. This is a podcast series for leaders of NGOs and other philanthropic organizations who are not satisfied with the status quo[…]

The Power of Community: Civic Renewal In Puerto Rico

In his February Giving Compass blog post, a monthly blog with advice for philanthropists called Mutual Accountability, our chief executive David Bonbright discusses how local civil society and philanthropy organizations responded to voiced needs after Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico. The Power of Community: Civic Renewal In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria pulverized part of[…]

White Paper: Pando Localization Learning System

The Pando LLS White Paper lays out the theory and methodology behind the Pando Localization Learning System. It describes why a new theory of measurement for localization is needed, how system-based approaches of network analysis and qualitative feedback provide a solution, details on of a set of four localization metrics, how they are measured, and[…]

Common Challenges with Implementing Primary Constituent Accountability – Resilient Roots Case Study 3

What role does accountability play in the relationship between an organisation and its constituents, and how can accountability support organisational resilience? The core partners of the Resilient Roots initiative are aiming to examine whether organisations are better able to withstand external threats related to closing civic space when they are demonstrably accountable to the individuals[…]