The Climate Strike: Learning from Youth-led Global Feedback

In his September Giving Compass blog post, our chief executive David Bonbright shares his inspiration from this historic moment of youth-lead global feedback. The Climate Strike: Learning From Youth-Led Global Feedback Prompted by my children and younger colleagues, I joined the hundreds of thousands massed along the Thames River on Friday, Sept. 20 to demonstrate[…]

The Three Dimensions of Accountability

What role does accountability play in the relationship between an organisation and its constituents, and how can accountability support organisational resilience? The core partners of the Resilient Roots initiative are aiming to examine whether organisations are better able to withstand external threats related to closing civic space when they are demonstrably accountable to the individuals[…]

Promoting Sustainable Business Partnerships through Learning Loops

Keystone Accountability is partnering with Better Buying™ Institute as part of a two-year project to co-design and pilot a two-way “Learning Loops” improvement process between buyers and suppliers, with the goal of promoting sustainable business partnerships and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. This project will incorporate Keystone’s Constituent Voice™ methodology: collecting feedback to track user experience,[…]

Philanthropy Can’t Move Faster Than the Speed of Trust

Keystone Chief Executive David Bonbright’s monthly blog with advice for philanthropists, Mutual Accountability, is published by Giving Compass, a leading US philanthropy support platform. Here’s a re-post of his June 2019 contribution. Philanthropy Can’t Move Faster Than the Speed of Trust In 2009, my organisation, Keystone Accountability, had been invited, alongside commercial marketing experts, to[…]